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Sunday Staff Special – Olivia Chamoun

Hi everyone, my name is Olivia Chamoun and I am a singing and Musical Theatre teacher at Diakosmos. I have been teaching at Diakosmos for almost 4 years now, and it has been such a blessing in my life. I have met the most amazing students, families and teachers who really make my job feel not much like a job at all! All of you – the Diakosmos Kindred Spirits are what make the Diakosmos experience so special, so unique and so fulfilling.

I began teaching at Diakosmos in 2018, after my sister Grace had commenced her journey as a student at Diakosmos.  This really sums up my first impression of the school – the dance school that changed my sister’s life. That alone meant so much to me, as I had watched Grace dancing around the house for years, and it was very clear that she was born to dance… but my family struggled to find a school that would give Grace the opportunity to really pursue her Performing Arts education. Diakosmos brought so much joy into our family home, as we began to witness Grace flourish in an amazing new way under the guidance of Dianne.

When Dianne offered me the job to teach at Diakosmos I was extremely honoured. To take part in a school community that embraces all in such a unique and powerful way seemed to me like a once in a life-time opportunity. And I still do believe, very strongly, that Diakosmos is a once in a life-time opportunity. To me, being a Kindred Spirit – Dancing and Singing from the Heart – Celebrating Achievements together – and Embracing people from all walks of life, brings so much purpose to my life. All of our Core Values are life lessons! And if we embody these Core Values in the wider world, I’d say we are doing our bit to make the world a better place. Isn’t that amazing?? We should be so incredibly proud of what it means to belong to the Diakosmos family – we should never underestimate the incredible impact our Core Values can have on others, inside and outside of the studio!

I am very grateful for the gift of Diakosmos. I am grateful for Dianne’s constant support and guidance in my own journey.

I am grateful to hear your beautiful voices everyday, to witness your growth, and to share so many joyful moments with you. I can only hope for many more.

-Olivia Chamoun

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