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dance academy

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Diakosmos Dance

Sunday Staff Special – Isabelle Dray

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Hey Everyone, It’s Belle here!

For those of you who do not know me, I am the Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap and Acro teacher at Diakosmos Dance Academy. I joined the Diakosmos team in the beginning of 2020 and in my time teaching here I’ve had the absolute pleasure of getting to know each and every student’s individual abilities and passions. Not only have I been able to impart my knowledge to them but they have also helped me learn and grow in so many ways.


A little fun fact about me is that Diakosmos Dance Academy is the first studio that ever hired me as a permanent teacher! All the other teaching work I had was one off classes, choreographing competition routines and assisting jobs. I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to teach here, its truly been such a gift. I love being apart of this special community that welcomes everyone with open arms, it’s so unique to other studios. Our differences and abilities are not only acknowledged and nurtured but they are celebrated. It’s a very rare and beautiful thing, especially in the classes. It’s incredible to see that within the students there is never competition, only celebration and love.

Diakosmos is very much a dance studio for the students. In other studios, I’ve noticed it’s very goal driven towards being ‘the best’ and winning but at Diakosmos we thrive under teaching our students to dance from the heart and be driven by passion, not competition. Our dedication to the students is so special to the job but the best part about it is the students!! They make my job not feel like one! In my classes we laugh, joke around, dance and celebrate achievements together! My classes fly by each week and I get to say that I love what I do! Every student is so unique and their hilarious personalities always have me leaving the studio with a smile on my face. The bond I have with my students is so special to me and the fact that they are the first students I ever taught for makes it even more special to my heart.

– Isabelle Dray

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