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Special Programs

Explore our range of special programs on offer at Diakosmos Dance Academy.

Program 1



Our Diakosmos Dancing Darlings Program is a great opportunity to introduce your little one to the joy of dance, movement and music.  Your child will learn new skills, develop coordination, flexibility and strength; all the while having fun and flourishing in creativity.  Creative Dance will encourage your child to be active and socialise with other children, in a caring and supportive dance class.

Program 2



We believe in a Performing Arts culture that is inclusive of students of all abilities and additional needs. Our First Step Program is an exclusive program suitable for students who require one-on-one attention, in order to gain skills before entering a group class setting. The program is formulated to cater to specific developmental and creative goals. To read more about this program, head to our All Abilities Page.

Program 3



The Aspire Program provides students a pathway to achieve specialised skills and knowledge in performance styles that are complementary to one another. The program involves two streams: Ballet – Contemporary and Musical Theatre. The structured program involves a number of learning outcomes that are specific to the various Aspire progressions. This holistic approach delivers practical skills that enrich life-education and a performing arts experience, in both recreational and vocational avenues. 

All our students commence their Diakosmos journey as Kindred Spirits. It is a time to nurture imagination and each child’s interests in the performing arts. This is achieved through their involvement in classes and our Winter and Summer Concerts.  As our students’ interests grow, we encourage them to extend themselves and commence the Aspire Program, through embracing an interest in developing their skills and involvement.  

Each Aspire Progression involves an increase in student commitment and technical development. As students choose to progress their journey, theory components, pre-pointe and pointe, private lessons and our community performance troupes are introduced. Students who progress further through the Aspire Program are offered opportunities to participate in exams, choreography workshops, student leadership roles, VCE and VCE/VET Dance, and competition involvement. Finally, students who fully engage in this program, achieving a high level of performance in either stream, are invited to Assistant teach. 

The Aspire Program holistically trains our students and encourages them to reach their full potential in performance and in life. 

To experience the joy of artistry in performance. To embrace dance education in life’s journey.

To get involved, interested students will be given recommendations based on their current class enrolment, and directed to the appropriate Aspire progression.

Program 4



Diakosmos Dance Academy offers tuition in both Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE Dance) and Victorian Certificate Education/Vocational Education Training (VCE VET Dance). These studies are suitable for students who would like a career in dance and to develop an appreciation of dance as an art form.  We offer VCE DANCE and VCE VET Dance for units 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Students in Years 10 to 12 may enrol in the courses. At Diakosmos, VCE and VCE/VET is taught by our Principal Dianne De Battista who has over 30 years experience, achieving excellent results.