My daughter joined Diakosmos having had no previous experience in gymnastics or dance.  It was wonderful to see how smoothly she was integrated into the class.  She felt extremely comfortable and loved learning the moves.  By the end of the year her acro and dance moves were amazing. She could do everything from cartwheels to back flips.  The highlight for all of us was the end of year performance. The production was excellent and she really enjoyed being on stage. I highly recommend Diakosmos for all young people interested in dance and performance".


Julia Nordlinger - Northcote

Hi Di,


That was a really amazing show. You did a fantastic job with the choreography. Everything just flowed wonderfully. The integration of the littlies and the special needs kids was done superbly. The concert is always good, but this year it just reached a whole new level!!!!Congratulations on pulling together a really fantastic evening. Everyone performed so well together - and no doubt also worked together backstage incredibly.Thank you for what you do with the kids to bring out their strengths. This year was absolutely brilliant!






Hi Dianne,

I just wanted to congratulate you on Saturday's concert.  It was so uplifting to see all the kids performing with so much confidence and enjoying themselves so much, but in particular what struck me was how wonderful it was to see the level of involvement of the kids/teens with a disability as part of the dance school.  You have obviously done an amazing job creating such an inclusive culture at Diakosmos and it was inspiring and heart warming to see it in action.  I feel very proud that Chiara is associated with a dance school that is portraying such positive messages to young people. 


Thanks Di                                                             

Angela H.




Hi Dianne,

What a fabulous night the concert was. Thanks for everything. I don't know how you pull it all together.





Hi Di,

Thanks for another amazing year!

Pat, my Mum and Lexi and Elise's teacher all loved the concert and were amazed at how beautifully you integrated all the special needs children with all the other kids. 


Many Thanks

Di G.





Hi Di,

Well done for Saturday.  I cried heaps as usual.  What you do is very special. The concert was fantastic - thanks for doing such an amazing job. It was lovely to see them all dance.







Hi Di,

Yes, the concert was a great success.  We enjoyed it immensely.  The Sleeping beauty pieces were my favourite.  I can see how well all the girls are progressing.  The girls in the older group are excelling!






Hi Di,

What a wonderful concert on Saturday! I thought all the students did wonderful work and, as always, it was lovely to see the integration of children with different abilities performing together. This is a special aspect of Diakosmos





Hi Di,

Great concert Saturday, Brigitte had a ball and told me it was the best concert ever!



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