dance academy

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Regular Classes

Whether you are dancing for fun, to improve technique, or desire a professional career in the Performing Arts, our Kindred Spirits flourish in their chosen pathway.

Contemporary Dance


Our Contemporary Dance program is unique and highly structured.  Our classes embrace the contemporary dance movement that started over 100 years ago by amazing dancers and choreographers who dared to challenge the status quo. These dancers include; Isadora Duncan, Loie Fuller, Ruth St Denis, Mary Wigman, Doris Humphrey (Limon technique), and Martha Graham.

Our program is based on the system of dance training created by Martha Graham and Doris Humphrey/Limon. Similar to our Ballet program, the classes follow a set curriculum designed to provide students with an opportunity to progress through the levels and to participate in exams. Students develop strong technique, an emotive connection to dancing, coordination, flexibility and strength. 

The movement vocabulary focuses on the use of the torso, floor work and centre work. This is a great class for dancers who like to be inquisitive, improve their skills and who enjoy being expressive through dance; who dance from the heart!

Teacher: Dianne De Battista

Cecchetti Ballet


The Cecchetti Ballet method is an internationally recognised program and widely used technique that was devised by the Italian ballet master and pedagogue Enrico Cecchetti (1850–1928). 

The classes are designed to give students a strong ballet technique; developing strength and stability, poise, coordination and grace in performance. The program involves a gradual building of skills as students progress through the grades. These classes are suitable for students interested in the timeless and historic genre of Ballet, and who benefit from class structure and continuity. 

Teacher: Emma McDonnell



Our Pointe class is designed to isolate pointe syllabi and specific pointe strength training for students who are approved by a teacher and physio. Utilising the foundations of the Cecchetti method, these classes endeavour to progress virtuosic technique.

Teacher: Emma McDonnell



Are you Singin’ In The Rain?  Because we are! Tap dancing is one of the most widely used dance styles, heavily featured in musicals and films. In this class students will learn how to make music with their feet, developing skills in coordination, transference of weight and musicality through the many rhythmic patterns and timely beats! This class is suitable for the Tiniest tappers to Seniors! 

Teachers: Dianne De Battista and Isabelle Dray



Roll up, Roll up! Acro-jazz is a combination of dance technique and acrobatics, developing strength and athleticism with the aim to achieve an extensive variety of acrobatic tricks. The joining of Jazz with Acrobatics creates an exciting blend of dance finesse and acrobatic skills. This class develops strength and flexibility, Jazz technique, coordination, balance techniques and acrobatic skills such as tumbling and flips! This is great for students who wish to extend themselves in a safe and supportive environment! 

Teacher: Isabelle Dray



Jazz is lively, energetic, and creatively diverse- this is the ideal way to develop well-rounded dance skills. Students will learn a mixture of commercial and traditional Jazz techniques that are age appropriate.  Jazz techniques covered include; isolations, stretching, musicality and rhythmic awareness. Through learning Jazz, students will gain the fundamental skills used in styles and techniques of various popular dance forms. A great class for our Musical Theatre students! 

Teacher: Isabelle Dray

Musical Theatre


Musical Theatre allows students to combine all three major components of the school – singing, dancing and acting. 

Students are given the opportunity to explore drama concepts as actors, script writers and directors. Creativity flows abundantly as students  explore classic and modern scripts, and also create stories and characters of their own. 

Students take part in a comprehensive singing technique class, with a focus on effective group ‘chorus’ singing. 

The dance component involves a Jazz technique class, with a focus on the development of routines for Musical Theatre repertoire.  

Musical Theatre is a very popular class! It is loads of fun for all students and abilities! 

Teachers: Dianne De Battista and Olivia Chamoun

Hip Hop


Hip Hop is an energetic form of dance, including breaking, popping and locking! It originates from 1970s street dancing. Students will learn a variety of styles within the Hip Hop genre. Starting with the fundamentals and progressing into more complex routines. This is a great class for students who enjoy dancing.

Teacher: Isabelle Dray

All Abilities Tap


Diakosmos has a long standing all-embracing Performing Arts program including this exciting tap class for individuals of all abilities.

In this class students will learn how to make music with their feet, developing skills in coordination, transference of weight and musicality through the many rhythmic patterns and timely beats!

Teacher: Dianne De Battista

Open Ballet


Open Ballet is an opportunity for students to develop their working memory and retention. Students can perform ballet more freely and are designed as an additional class for Ballet classes.

Teacher: Alexandra Dobson

Open Contemporary


Open contemporary engages a wide range of contemporary dance practices currently engaged in Melbourne’s contemporary dance scene, developing awareness through imagery. 

Teacher: Alexandra Dobson

Diakosmos Dancing Darlings


Diakosmos Dancing Darlings is a great opportunity to introduce your little one to the joy of dance, movement and music. Children love to dance and to be creative. Learning to dance at any age is special however being able to express yourself through dance from a young age is unique. Dance combines the ability of a child to express themselves creatively and at the same time benefit from developing skills in coordination, flexibility and strength.

Teacher: Emma McDonnell

Adult All Abilities Musical Theatre

Our adult Musical Theatre program is catered to students with additional learning needs who will benefit from a fun and interactive class. Students gain personal skills that are relevant in everyday life, as they experience an increase in confidence, develop social skills and engage in problem solving activities. Combining singing, dancing and acting, this class offers students the opportunity to be creative, learn new skills and meet other adults who also share a love for the Performing Arts! We also encourage our adult students to step into leadership roles within the class and wider Diakosmos community.


Dianne De Battista and Olivia Chamoun

Parent and Child Pilates and Creative Dance

This class is a great opportunity for parents to get their wellness fix, while their darling dancer is only next door in Studio 2 starting their own Performing Arts journey in a Creative Dance and Tap Class! Our mat Pilates class is designed to get you warmed up and cooled down by the end of your child’s class, ready to collect them next door. This is also a perfect opportunity for parents to get active while the kids are at school/kinder!

Parent Testimonials

“In a world in which we are rushing from one place to the next, juggling tasks left, right, and centre, Diakosmos Dance Academy is that special place where we stop to linger, to feel the music and explore our inner self, the heart of dance. It has been said “..all the world’s a stage..” (Shakespeare). Here, at Diakosmos Dance Academy, this stage opens up a world for dancers to explore, a place abounding in imagination and individual expression. With dignity and respect, each and every child is generously offered this world to simple and purely be.”

“We love coming to Diakosmos Dance Academy. It’s a very friendly place and has an intimate feel – there’s no sense of being a number that is churned through en masse. The classes cater to each person’s needs and abilities so if some need the extra challenge, there is scope for that, and if others need some extra coaxing along to catch up, that is provided too. Since my daughter began classes, three of her school friends have also joined and really enjoy it.”

“My daughter and I couldn’t be happier with Diakosmos! All of the teachers and staff are so friendly and nurturing. The Diakosmos team have allowed my daughter to expand her level of understanding of dance. She has improved so much since being with Diakosmos I can’t thank the team enough! During lock down, Diakosmos has been great with making classes go ahead. It is something my daughter looks forward to. The team gives a lot of one on one attention to each student which I think is great!”