dance academy

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Online Classes

Stay connected. Stay creative. Keep learning. Have fun. 

Dance your way to health and wellbeing!

Throughout the ongoing pandemic and beyond, we are excited to announce that we will be continuing our Diakosmos Dance Online Program, for those who wish to dance at home! 

DIAKOSMOS DANCE ONLINE is an exciting learning opportunity for our students! We offer private lessons for both singing and dance, and students are also able to join group classes from home. 


This is an engaging, creative and innovative way to learn!


Refer to our Timetable, as all classes can be attended online.

Feel free to contact us on 0413999845

Parent Testimonials

“You make the time to ask how the students are, you give them a space to express themselves; this is something Diakosmos aspires to do and has achieved. You genuinely connect with the students, despite the social distancing divide. Our daughter looks forward to every lesson every moment.”

“To all the dance and vocal teachers at Diakosmos, our family sends you a heartfelt thanks for your extraordinary efforts to not only continue your dance and voice lessons on a completely different platform but to bring joy, and dance into our house.”