How do I enrol?


It is a simple and friendly process. We invite and welcome new students to attend a free trial class. When you have decided you can join the class or classes of your choice. Parents will be required to complete an enrolment form and hand it to the Principal.



Is there a uniform?


Yes we do have a uniform. It is important that all students attend class with the expectation that they want to achieve the best results.


All students are required to attend classes in correct dance attire. No street clothes are to be worn in class. Correct dance footwear for each genre must be worn; socks are not appropriate due to health and safety. Hair should be pulled back and tied up neatly.

Ballet students should have their hair in a neat bun.  All ballet students participating in exams are required to wear the regulation uniform. 


Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly marked.



Why do students participate in Dance Competitions?


Dance Competitions /Eisteddfods are fun and friendly.  It is a great way for students to develop performance skills by Performing in front of a new audience and develop their ability to perform in a range of unfamiliar conditions. Students may choose to perform as a soloist or in troupes.


It is a great way to make friends. It is a positive way for students to extend themselves and improve their technique by doing extra classes and private lesson.


Students also enjoy the following benefits:


  • Competitions/Eisteddfods help to build confidence

  • Prepares a dancer for working in the industry building artistry as a performer.

  • Improve skills in other areas such as public speaking and taking on leadership roles.

  • Troupes are about working as a team and being committed to the team



Are there additional fees or costs to get involved in dance competitions?


Yes, students wishing to compete in Eisteddfods/Dance Competitions will require private lessons to learn choreography, routines and performance techniques.
Students will be permitted to learn routines and enter sections based on the styles they are currently studying in regular classes. 


Fees:-Competition entrance fees, Rehearsal fees. Private lessons and Costumes.



What do you need to do if your child would like to do Ballet Exams?


Diakosmos offers students the opportunity to study Cecchetti technique and participate exams and Cecchetti events. 


Students who would like to participate in Cecchetti Ballet examinations are required to enrol in a minimum of two hours per week of Cecchetti Ballet classes.  Students must wear the Cecchetti regulation uniform to participate in classes, exams, assessments and any special Cecchetti events for example Convention.



Are there additional fees or costs to participate in exams?


Yes, students who participate in exams and Cecchetti events will be charged entrance and examination fees. These fees are not included in the regular dance class term fees invoice. All entrance fees and examination fees are invoiced separately.



Do all students have to participate in the Summer Concert?


Diakosmos Dance Academy supports and encourages all students to participate in our Winter and Summer Concerts. Students who do not want to participate in the concerts are welcome to attend their regular dance classes for the entire year. They do not attend concert rehearsals. 



How many students in a class?


Diakosmos Dance Academy believes that all students require constructive feedback and attention in all our dance classes.  We aim to provide all our students with a positive and safe learning environmentfor all abilities. Small class sizes helps boys and girls to develop emotionally and physically to be the best they can be.


For pre-school classes our teacher-student ratio is 1-8, primary is 1-12 and senior is 1-12. Our All Abilities classes 1-5.  The class sizes may vary according to the student needs. Many of our classes will have more than one teacher to provide extra support and quality training.

Do you pay per class or for the term?

Regular Dance classes are charged by the term.  All fees are inclusive of GST and to be paid up front, two weeks prior the commencement of the term.  

Our terms are based on a nine or ten week term, please visit our Fees page for details.

What are the benefits of the packages you offer?

Diakosmos now offers Special Packages to support families. The benefits of the packages are many:

Bright Star Performer Package

Shooting Star Package

Twinkle Toes Starter Package

  1. All packages include a structured payment system for the Summer Concert. The Production fees, Costume fees and 2 extra tickets are paid for gradually over four terms.  

  2. Students are given the added advantage of being able to experience private lessons.

  3. The packages are designed to meet our students' needs from recreational to professional. 


Please visit our FEES page for details.

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