The Aspire Program is an inclusive program and open to all our students who are dedicated to learning, growing and extending themselves in the Performing Arts.

No auditions are required to be involved in this program

We do ask that you Dance From The Heart!

The benefits of this program:

  • Committed to learning new techniques

  • Develop leadership skills

  • Opportunities to perform in community events

  • Dedicated to working as part of a team in class and in performance

  • Gain experience by performing in competitions

  • Participate in examinations

  • Gain self confidence

  • Gradual improvement in skills through constant application

Diakosmos Contemporary & Ballet Aspire Program:

The Diakosmos Contemporary and Ballet Aspire Program is designed to encourage our students to accelerate in their technique through participating in both Martha Graham based Contemporary and Cecchetti Ballet training.

Inspired by her time in New York, Dianne has spent years developing a Contemporary Dance curriculum based on the Martha Graham technique for her students. 



The Martha Graham Contemporary Technique is unique, as it is a codified system of training. The technique was created and developed by an amazing pioneer of the Modern Dance movement Martha Graham. 


Over the years the Diakosmos program has successfully produced strong contemporary dancers, providing the highest quality tuition whilst enhancing choreographic potential and creativity.

Dianne studied Cecchetti Ballet as an adult and found the method of ballet training developed strength and grace. This ballet technique was chosen as the best and most suitable to introduce to her students.


The Cecchetti Ballet method is an internationally recognised and widely used technique that was devised by the Italian ballet master and pedagogue Enrico Cecchetti (1850–1928).

The Cecchetti method is designed to give students a strong basic ballet technique with a gradual building of skills and technique as they progress through the grades.

  • This Aspire program combines both of these highly regarded traditions for students eager to enhance their technique. Students who enjoy learning Dance that is empowering.

To be a Contemporary Ballet Aspire student, you must be enrolled in:

  • 2 classes of Contemporary Dance per week

  • 2 classes of Cecchetti Ballet per week

  • Exam preparation for both styles

  • Private lessons in one or both styles

Diakosmos Musical Theatre Aspire Program:

The Diakosmos Musical Theatre Aspire Program is designed to encourage our students to accelerate in their technique through participating in Musical Theatre, Jazz and Tap classes.

Musical Theatre is a theatrical style combining song, acting, and dance. Each of these performance elements involve various skills that students have the opportunity to excel in as Musical Theatre Aspire students.

The Aspire Program combines the necessary skills and performance styles to become a well-rounded and highly capable Musical Theatre Performer. Triple-threat.

To be a Musical Theatre Aspire student, you must be enrolled in:

  •  Musical theatre class (equals 2 classes per week) (includes dance technique, drama and singing)

  • 1 class of Tap per week

  • 1 class of Jazz per week

  • Exam preparation in tap and Jazz

**An All-Rounder Aspire Student participates in both Aspire programs.

*** Competitions are an important aspect of being an Aspire student, as it is about developing performance skills.
Exams are an important aspect of being an Aspire student, as it is about gaining knowledge and skills through a formalised learning progression.

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