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Diakosmos Dance


Dance your dream and shine

“From the time I was a little girl, all I ever wanted to do was dance.” – Angelica

Can you relate to Angelica’s words? I can, because that’s exactly how I felt as a child. I’ve spent my life doing just that!

Like so many of our students, Angelica had dreams and goals to dance from a very young age. She has a big heart for others, and she finds freedom and joy in dance. It is our pleasure at Diakosmos, to be the place that helps her grow in her passion.

Our focus at Diakosmos is sharing this love of dance and the performing arts with our students. Through the nurturing of this love and passion our students all have, we see them growing as individuals.

One of the main things I hear a lot from Diakosmos families, is that every child gets a chance to shine at this school. Both on stage and in the classroom, no one is left behind. Each student gets to achieve, grow, and connect with the thing that they love the most, at their own pace. I am proud of this- because in my own dance experience, I never felt that I was seen, yet I had an incredible desire to dance. It was this desire that led me to travel the world seeking out the dance experiences that connected me to my soul.

My journey led me to dream of creating a dance community in which every child feels successful, accomplished and valued. I feel that these experiences are so important in shaping our students in their formative years. I believe these are the qualities that they take with them into the world, and it is wonderful to hear our parents echoing this.

Dianne De Battista

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