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Diakosmos Dance


Dance From The Heart

Featured, School

As soon as you step through our door, it’s not long before you hear the words ‘Dance from the Heart’. This sentiment is at the core of Diakosmos Dance Academy’s values. No matter what age or level of ability, all our students learn that dancing from the heart is the best gift they can give an audience, and themselves.

Why dance from the heart? Well really, how else can you dance? We believe to truly dance is to connect with your soul.. Your inner self. It is a safe place, where you can be a creative, unique and expressive individual.

Our students are encouraged to marry strong technique with true passion in order to achieve high performance quality and artistry in performance, and in life.

Maybe take a moment to ask yourself and wonder what this means to you. And if you ever get the nudge to explore it further, just drop by and we’d love to show you how it’s done!

Dance from the Heart

Dianne DeBattista

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