Diakosmos is dedicated to making sure the journey of dance belongs to all our students.


Dance Competitions /Eisteddfods are fun and friendly. They are challenging and provides students with the opportunity to experience the art of performance. 


At Diakosmos Dance Academy we invite our students to participate under the guidance and support of our teachers. We recommend that students have a strong technical background.  With this support in placestudents may choose to perform as a soloist, duo or in troupes.



Dancers extend and gain skills along with new experiences-students will: 


  • Perform in front of a new audience and develop their ability to perform in a range of unfamiliar conditions.

  • Competitions/Eisteddfods help to build confidence

  • Prepares a dancer for working in the industry building artistry as a performer.

  • Improve technique

  • Improve skills in other areas such as public speaking and taking on leadership roles.

  • Troupes are about working as a team and being committed to the team

  • Develops performance skills as a soloist or part of a team.

  • To be supportive of others

  • Works to improve spatial awareness and working in unison on stage.



How do students Enrol?


  • Students wishing to participate in competitions may discuss the matter with their teachers

  • Soloists/duos/trios will only be permitted to learn a routine in a dance style they are enrolled in for class

  • Soloists/duos/trios will be required to attend private lessons to learn choreography

  • Parents/care givers will be required discuss the matter with the Principal

  • Parents/ care givers will be required to enroll their child into selected dance competitions

  • All troupe dances will be selected by the principal and students will be required to attend Competition troupe class

  • Students will be invited to join a troupe by their teachers.



What does it mean to be involved in competitions?


  • Commitment

  • Extra rehearsals – for troupes and individuals

  • Private Lessons – for duos and solo performers

  • Costumes

  • Professional Makeup

  • Competition Fees



On the Day


  • All performers are required to wear full stage make-up.

  • Students need to arrive early enough to prepare and warm-up.

  • Make-up and hair should be completed on arrival.

  • Costume should be put on upon arrival.

  • Must sign in with allocated official and collect performers’ pass.

  • Must give copy of music to the allocated official.

  • Students may watch other sections but they must wear their pass.

  • Parents may sit in the audience but an admission fee is required.

  • Parents will not be permitted back stage only teachers.


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We have students from North Melbourne, Preston, Ivanhoe, Brunswick, Clifton Hill, Northcote, Darebin, and Thornbury

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