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    How do I enrol?

    It is a simple and friendly process. View this video tutorial to find out more.

    Is there a uniform?

    Yes we do have a uniform. View our uniform guide here.

    What do you need to do if your child would like to do Ballet Exams?

    Students who would like to participate in Cecchetti Ballet examinations are required to enrol in a minimum of two hours per week of Cecchetti Ballet classes.

    Do all students have to participate in the Summer Concert?

    Diakosmos Dance Academy supports and encourages all students to participate in our Winter and Summer Concerts. Students who do not want to participate in the concerts are welcome to attend their regular dance classes for the entire year. They do not attend concert rehearsals.

    How many students in a class?

    We provide small class sizes, allowing our students to receive individual recognition throughout their performing arts education with us.  Every child is seen and heard and encouraged to achieve their dance and performing arts dreams, goals and aspirations.

    Does my child have to be in The Aspire Program to enrol at Diakosmos?

    All students at Diakosmos are Kindred Spirits. This involves students attending one class a week in any style. As your child’s interests grow, we encourage them to extend themselves and commence the Aspire Program.