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Diakosmos fosters an all-embracing culture and welcomes students of all abilities. We believe that every child deserves to experience the joy of a Performing Arts education, and the chance to express artistry in performance.


At Diakosmos, our students are not defined by disability – every student is defined by their creativity, passion and talent.


After assessing the individual needs of each student, we select and recommend classes that are best suited; whether this be one of our Regular Classes, or participation in our All-Embracing First-Step Program. You can read more about our First-Step program below. 


Over the past 12 years, we have witnessed our students develop in social interaction, cognition, physical strength, coordination, motor skills, creativity and artistry.


We are continually proud to witness our students increase in confidence and enjoyment, in a safe space where all can flourish. It is always a priceless moment to see the smiles on their faces as they achieve their goals. Our dream is to continue to create an environment in which every child feels successful, accomplished and valued. 


“We sense the joy and love of dance in every child, and it is our mission to nurture this passion in your child, inspiring them to dance from the heart and express their individuality.” 

– Dianne De Battista


Our first All Abilities class started over 10 years ago with six Dance enthusiasts. A parent with a child already enrolled approached Dianne asking to commence a dance class for her eldest daughter with special needs, who wished to begin dancing. Our program continues to flourish.


Dianne’s experience as a teacher in Specialist Schools sparked an interest to develop dance programs that encouraged the students:


      1. To be active and to assist in improving their movement skills.
      2. To be creative and to learn how to express themselves through dance and movement.
      3. To be engaged in the Performing Arts and to participate in performances.


Growing up with a sibling with special needs, Dianne became aware of how important it is to provide opportunities for children of all abilities. She recognised that all children deserve the chance to explore their interests and to develop their individual and unique talents.


In our First Step Program, students with high needs will benefit from a 1-1 program formulated to cater to specific developmental and creative goals. An initial consultation is required to establish these exact goals and outcomes. This program could include any combination of Dance, Drama and Singing/Music. Diakosmos Dance is not currently a registered Provider of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). However, many of our clients are able to access funding from NDIS to participate in our programs through various forms of plan management. To find out more information, contact us or book an introductory call.


“Dianne is very professional, respectful and believes that there should be no barriers to a child wishing to express their love of dancing. She truly upholds her motto of “dancing from the heart” and is able to showcase each child’s strengths”

– Domenica


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