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“On behalf of our team, I would like to welcome you to Diakosmos Dance Academy! Established in 2001, this is a place that encourages every student to dance from the heart, and unites Kindred Spirits who share a passion for the Performing Arts. If your child is showing an interest in the Performing Arts, seize the moment to encourage them in this life-changing and invaluable journey!”  – Dianne De Battista


Dianne De Battista, founder of Diakosmos Dance Academy, tells a funny story when asked why she chose the name ‘Diakosmos’… Interestingly, it had nothing to do with her name, it was the Greek Goddess Diakosmos that inspired our unique name! Find out more below:

Diakosmos; the Goddess of the Universe (Greek Mythology)

Diakosmos adorns herself, giving rise to the material world of jewels and garments- making herself beautiful. Behind this, unseen, her inner spirit moves, constantly arranging and rearranging the outer world, making an infinite number of life forms. After placing order on chaos, the inner workings and turmoil of the universe reach a peak and explode. After the explosion, there is calmness. This is when Diakosmos gathers herself and begins to adorn herself again.


Our mission is to nurture your child’s love of dance, inspiring them to dance from the heart and express their individuality. Our approach to teaching is individualised, tailoring to every child’s dance journey. In our programs, your child will be supported, developing strong technique and an appreciation for the Performing Arts. We are committed to providing a holistic program that will enrich your child’s journey; in the studio, on stage and in life.



Celebrate Achievements

We facilitate a journey of growth and excellence in artistry.


Dance From The Heart

We foster creativity, use of imagination and expression of individuality.


Kindred Spirits

We embody fun and friendship, nurturing a shared joy and love of dance.



We deliver a Performing Arts education for all abilities and additional needs.


At Diakosmos Dance Academy, we care about each and every student.  We provide our students with a nurturing and inclusive environment. We value every student’s creative input, and encourage them to think, create, and be inquisitive about the Performing Arts. 


Our team of highly qualified teachers and experienced artists, passionately deliver a holistic Performing Arts education. We maintain a strong focus on safe dance practice, and development of strong technique at all levels.  


At Diakosmos, there is a class to suit everyone! We offer flexible programs, tailoring to all abilities, additional needs and ages. Whether you are dancing for fun, to improve technique, or desire a professional career in the Performing Arts, our Kindred Spirits flourish in their chosen pathway.

Key Benefits of the Diakosmos Performing Arts Education:

Physical Wellbeing

Opportunity and Challenge

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Self expression and Creativity

Cognitive Enhancement

Fun and Friendship