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A review of our 2020 Come & Try Week!

Our first week of Term 1- Come & Try week, was a very rewarding experience for all. The studio was buzzing with excitement as students arrived to attend not only their regular classes for the first time this year, but extra classes as well. The opportunity to gain new experiences was not missed by our eager students! It was wonderful to see our students putting themselves out there, having a go, making friends and performing in new ways.

All of our classes were on offer to Come & Try! Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Acro/Jazz, Cecchetti Ballet, Adult Tap, Contemporary, Musical Theatre- you name it! These classes were free to try for current students. We even had some fabulous students giving private dance lessons and private singing lessons a go!

Our students working to reach their full potential in a range of classes really stood out during Come & Try week. This was wonderful to see, as it is a real priority at Diakosmos that we see the potential in all our students. We give them the opportunity to flourish in all aspects of the Performing Arts through our various classes. This was really highlighted during Come & Try week!

Our school motto of ‘Dance from the Heart’ shone in our students. We foster our students’ love of dance and the performing arts, constantly reminding them to Dance from the Heart, to inspire others, and to be inspired. They certainly inspired our staff throughout the week, with their passion, creativity and enthusiasm igniting each of the classes they participated in, and really setting the year off to an exciting start.

Thank you to the students who made the most of our Come & Try Week, we are so proud to witness your love for dance, your willingness to take on any opportunity you receive to Dance from the Heart, and your eagerness to take part in sharing dance with others.

We are so excited to see everyone back again. A special welcome to our new students and families.

We look forward to a fruitful and productive 2020 with you all, as we all continue to grow as artists who share a wonderful joy in dancing from the heart!

Dianne De Battista

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